FTTH Council Europe Award

Facts and figures

The FTTH Council Europe Award is a special and prestigious award that recognizes outstanding support to the acceleration of FTTH in Europe.


The award has two categories:

FTTH Council Europe Individual Award: This award honours an individual for his/her special efforts to make FTTH happen in Europe. The winner of this award could be a manager within an operator company who made a clear decision on behalf of FTTH; a technician who implemented a favourable solution for FTTH; a decision maker/politician who created a positive environment for FTTH or any other person who supported the roll-out of FTTH in Europe on an individual basis.

FTTH Council Europe Operator Award: This award is given to an operator company that has made a clear decision in favour of FTTH in Europe. The winner will be selected not only based on the size of the network deployed and the amount of investment made. Specific factors like the economic, political and competitive environment and the company’s enthusiasm for FTTH will be taken into account as well.


The winners of the award will be presented at the FTTH Conference 2015 in Warsaw.

The winner of each category will receive an award trophy and prize money of EUR 3,000.

The board of directors and the committee chairs of the FTTH Council Europe will evaluate all submissions and choose the winners. As the board of directors and the committee chairs are elected by the members of the FTTH Council Europe, this group represents the opinion of the more than 150 industry members of the FTTH Council Europe.


Nominations are open to everyone and can be made anonymously.

The nomination must include the name/company name of the nominated individual/operator as well as a contact address of the nominee including the e-mail address (if known). A brief description of the reason why this person/company should receive the FTTH Council Europe Award 2015 needs to be submitted too.

Nominations are closed.

Thank you for nominating your candidates.

The Terms & Conditions for the FTTH Council Europe Award can befound here (PDF).