Award Winners 2015

Winners 2015

Operator category


 Xavier Rodriguez-Martin,
Member of the Board, dstelecom
& Karin Ahl, President, FTTH Council Europe

Individual category 

Dik Wessels

 Jan Davids (on behalf of Dik Wessels)
& Karin Ahl, President,  FTTH Council Europe

The FTTH Council Europe awarded dstelecom (dst group) and Dik Wessels this year’s FTTH Operators Award and Individual Award, respectively, for their outstanding efforts to accelerate the adoption of FTTH in Europe.
Portuguese operator dstelecom, represented by Xavier Rodriguez-Martin, member of the board, received the FTTH Operator Award in recognition for rolling out advanced fibre networks in rural areas located in the north and south of Portugal. With an investment of €90 million, dstelecom group has installed more than 9000 km of optical fibre cable to cover more than 50% of the households in these regions.
In awarding Dik Wessels the FTTH Individual Award, the FTTH Council Europe recognized the importance of his role in the investment in FTTH infrastructure by the family’s investment group Reggeborgh. Dik Wessels is the initiator behind Reggefiber BV and Deutsche Glasfaser GmbH. The success of this innovative strategy has been confirmed by Reggefiber’s penetration in the market in the Netherlands and its recent acquisition by KPN.